Why Content Effectiveness Monitoring Is the Next Stage of Digital Shelf Strategy

Vizit Team
3 min read

Vizit believes Content Effectiveness Monitoring is the future of ecommerce. Here’s why. 

How many tools does your organization use to monitor ecommerce listings? 

You’re tracking SEO results and keywords, price comparisons, public sentiment, social media conversations, shipping times, promotions, copy—the list goes on and on. But in the past, there was no way to automatically monitor visual content across your categories, benchmark yourself against the competition, or quantitatively measure your visual impact against your competitors. That leaves a gaping hole in even the best digital shelf strategy. 

We hear related complaints from many of our customers, like:

  • There’s no way to automatically know when my competitors update their visual content. 
  • There’s no timely way to stay on top of new market entrants or know if they’re making an impact.  
  • The process of monitoring my competition is too manual and time consuming for my team. 
  • Even if I manually monitor my category, it takes too long for those takeaways to filter to econtent teams, and they have a minimal impact on my listings. 

These problems are precisely why Vizit introduced Content Effectiveness Monitoring

Our new digital shelf monitoring solution provides a way for ecommerce, marketing, and creative teams to automatically gather, organize, and analyze thousands of product images across their categories on Amazon. It gives you a benchmark for measuring success versus the competition while also raising a flag when those competitor listings change so you can stay on top of trends and seasonal changes. 

Now, instead of deploying ecommerce images without these insights, teams can tap into the power of AI with Vizit’s Content Effectiveness Monitoring. We believe this is the future of ecommerce—treating your visual content just like the rest of the digital shelf, complete with automated resources that help you optimize and improve performance. 

Preparing for the Next-Gen Digital Shelf 

Delivering the best possible experiences across the digital shelf is central to succeeding in an age of unprecedented competition. But it’s impossible without a clear strategy backed up by actionable data. 

Our customers are already using the Vizit platform for image testing and optimization, gaining audience and attention insights that inform creative strategy and visual brand performance. With Content Effectiveness Monitoring, they can now add another layer of image analytics that paints a holistic view of product categories and the competitive landscape. It means Vizit is now not only part of the day-to-day workflows of creative and ecommerce teams, but also an integral part of the overall go-to-market and competitive strategy at the highest levels of a business. 

We’re tremendously proud of what Content Effectiveness Monitoring means for Vizit, but we’re even happier that it’s going to have such a positive impact on our customers as they lead the way in ecommerce. Digital shelf strategies are never going to be the same. 

Ready to see Content Effectiveness Monitoring in action? Schedule a demo of this new solution today. 

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