Vizit and Salsify Partner to Deliver AI-Powered Conversion Optimizer Application, Elevating Ecommerce Sales to New Heights

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Vizit’s Conversion Optimizer, now integrated with the Salsify PXM Advance platform, drives a 10% surge in ecommerce sales for brands

BOSTON,  March 27, 2024 – Vizit, the leading AI-powered visual content effectiveness platform for brands, retailers, and creators, and Salsify, the leading Product Experience Management (PXM) platform enabling brand manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to excel on the digital shelf, have joined forces to elevate ecommerce performance for their shared customers. The integration of Vizit's AI-powered Conversion Optimizer App into Salsify’s latest platform iteration, Salsify PXM Advance, enables brands to achieve up to a remarkable 10%+ increase in ecommerce sales. Vizit’s patented solution functions as a 24/7 merchandiser, tirelessly analyzing, reorganizing, and presenting the most captivating product images to consumers to ensure maximum conversion rates.

A recent consumer survey found that 78% of shoppers find product images and descriptions extremely or very important to their buying journey1. For brands seeking a competitive edge in the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape, the inclusion of Vizit's Conversion Optimizer App within the Salsify platform presents a unique opportunity to transform online product pages into product experiences and captivate shoppers in real time, maximizing the efficacy of visual content across the digital shelf.

“Both Vizit and Salsify are essential platforms for Ghirardelli’s ecommerce business,” said Pam Perino, Digital Content Operations and Development Manager at Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. “The new AI-powered capability that the Vizit Conversion Optimizer app brings us is an incredible advantage — it’s like having a 24/7 digital merchandiser at your service across every SKU in your catalog, ensuring the visual presentation of your products is finely tuned to the exact preferences and desires of your target audience. We’ve already seen a conversion uplift across key products in our beta testing of the Vizit Conversion Optimizer app within our instance of Salsify.”

Research shows visual content plays a vital role in shaping consumer experience and influencing online purchases. However, without data to predict the effectiveness of PDP imagery, the majority of brands are still guessing when it comes to what to syndicate. According to a 2022 Vizit and Path to Purchase Institute study, nearly 70% of visual content professionals are still making subjective selections when it comes to deciding what imagery they use. In a reality where a whopping 76% of shoppers emphasize the importance of high-quality product images in their decision to explore a product further, and bad product content is the number one reason why consumers don’t convert, this lack of informed visual content selection can be costly to retailers and brands.   

“In this new era of the digital shelf, it’s critical that product content not only meets but exceeds the growing expectations of consumers,” said Rob Gonzalez, Co-founder and CMO at Salsify. “In our Salsify PXM Advance platform, we’ve invested heavily in AI-powered capabilities, and have enabled our global partner network to deliver solutions that our customers can leverage to optimize and maximize every interaction with their consumers. Vizit’s solution is a powerful new way to ensure that our shared customers’ digital assets are effective across every PDP on the digital shelf.”

The Vizit Conversion Optimizer App is available in the newly launched Salsify PXM App Center and uses the power of AI to automatically improve the quality of visual content for online shoppers through:

  • AI-powered content effectiveness measurement: Vizit automatically analyzes and ranks visual content on the PDP to surface the most effective and conversion-driving images for online shoppers.
  • Automated content rearrangement: Vizit automatically recommends the optimized arrangement of visual content in PDP carousels to maximize appeal and effectiveness for online shoppers.
  • PDP conversion optimization: Optimized PDP content drives higher engagement, conversion, and sales through more effective arrangement of product imagery. 

The Vizit Conversion Optimizer app is built on Vizit’s proprietary AI, which allows brands to “see through the eyes” of their target consumer audiences. Vizit’s Visual Content Effectiveness Platform enables global brands to measure, monitor, and optimize visual content across every consumer touchpoint.

"Being featured in Salsify's PXM Advance App Store is a testament to Vizit's commitment to providing innovative, AI-powered solutions that drive ecommerce success," said Vizit CEO and Founder Jehan Hamedi. “Vizit’s Conversion Optimizer is the perfect solution for Salsify customers who are looking to make their best performing product content available automatically at scale, and maximize conversion and sales on the digital shelf.” 

To see firsthand how visual content is optimized on Vizit’s Conversion Optimizer App, visit

1. “2024 Consumer Research.” Salsify. 2/07/2024

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