Headphones PDP Spotlight: Audio-Technica

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Vizit's Brand Attention Index presents a thorough analysis of hero and carousel imagery trends found in Amazon's leading headphone listings. One standout example of a top-performing product detail page (PDP) in this category is Audio-Technica’s ATH-M30x headphones.

By the Numbers

  • Product Hero Score: 100
  • Average Carousel Score: 57.6
  • Overall Score: 78.8
  • Total Images: 10

Hero Image

The ATH-M30x hero image achieved a perfect Vizit score of 100.0, firmly positioning it among the top-scoring hero images in the category when using a U.S. Gen Pop Audience Lens. 

The image adheres to some of the best hero imagery trends for this category, including featuring black products and including a portion of the headphone’s audio jack. 

Another notable trend of the top hero images exhibited in this image is the use of angled product positioning. Images that showcased the headphones at a 45-degree angle garnered the highest scores, indicating their effectiveness in capturing attention and resonating with the audience.

Carousel Images

Audio-Technica's carousel images didn't quite measure up to its hero images. The highest-scoring visuals showcased the headphones in their various foldable positions, highlighting their versatility. Furthermore, images with close-up shots of the headphones and accompanying accessories managed to secure moderate scores.

The lowest scoring image was in a landscape orientation, signaling that square imagery outperforms landscape imagery. Square images result in improved visibility and overall aesthetic appeal, contributing to better engagement and potentially better conversion rates.

An effective carousel imagery strategy that Audio-Technica can adopt to enhance its scores involves featuring models wearing the headphones in public spaces. The benchmark images depicting models using the headphones in busy environments like coffee shops or open offices received impressive Vizit scores.

Final Thoughts 

Audio-Technica’s hero image achieves a perfect Vizit score, capitalizing on several of the hero imagery trends identified in Vizit’s Headphones Deep Dive. However, there is some room for improvement in its carousel images.To enhance their carousel imagery, Audio-Technica should consider removing landscape imagery and instead incorporate images that depict models using their headphones in public spaces.

Want to see more of what’s influencing online purchasing decisions? Access our full Vizit’s Brand Attention Index to see which brands and visual trends make the biggest impact on the digital shelf. 

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