Baby Gear PDP Spotlight: Maxi-Cosi Baby Stroller

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As part of Vizit’s Brand Attention Index, we recently looked at some of the standout brands and images among baby product listings on Amazon. There were a few high-performing brands, so let’s look at how Maxi-Cosi Zelia 5-in-1 Modular Travel System stood out from the competition among baby strollers.

By the Numbers

  • Product Hero Score: 97.0
  • Average Carousel Score: 70.8
  • Overall Score: 83.9
  • Total Images: 10

Hero Image

The Maxi-Cosi Baby Stroller stood out with one of the highest hero score images at 97.0. It followed some best practices of the category by including both main components of the stroller set angled on a white background. 

When looking at the gaze sequence mapping results, Vizit found that consumers shifted their viewpoint from the car seat portion of the travel system, which was smaller and lower compared to the bigger stroller.

Carousel Images

Maxi-Cosi stood out with a whopping 13 images in its carousel. With a range in scores, Vizit found that Maxi-Cosi found success with most of its carousel images but also had room for improvement. 

The carousel images that scored the highest included close-up images of specific aspects of the stroller, especially if the features were related to safety. With detailed descriptions of what differentiates Maxi-Cosi from its competitors included on the photos, these carousel images scored the highest.

The carousel images that had a moderate score from Vizit showcased additional aspects of the stroller that would provide convenience. A main feature included is the addition of a cup holder to the stroller, as well as the storage basket, wheels, and reversible seat design. 

Lower scoring carousel images cut off the bottom portion of the stroller. This limited viewpoint did not help the Vizit scores, likely since consumers wanted to see the full functionality of Maxi-Cosi. Similar issues impacting the score of visuals showing the stroller’s back wheels and how it looks folded up. 

Final Thoughts 

Maxi-Cosi’s outstanding product imagery led to it claiming the top spot among stroller brands on the digital shelf. With strong overall scores, Maxi-Cosi should be looked to as an example for other stroller brands to mimic. There are some ways the brand could boost carousel image scores, however. Including a happy baby sitting in the stroller or car seat, for example, could be more engaging to the target audience.

Want to see more brands that are winning on the digital shelf? Check out Vizit’s Brand Attention Index to see the top performers and trends across categories.

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