Baby Gear PDP Spotlight: The Honest Company Diapers

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The baby industry is huge online—what frazzled new parent hasn’t ordered something on a whim in the wee hours of the morning?—and that means it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd and capture attention.  

As part of Vizit’s Brand Attention Index, we recently looked at some of the standout brands and images among disposable diaper listings on Amazon. There were a few high-performing brands, so let’s look at how The Honest Company’s Clean Conscious Diapers dominated the competition on Amazon’s digital shelf. 

By the Numbers

  • Product Hero Score: 90.0
  • Average Carousel Score: 80.0
  • Overall Score: 85.0
  • Total Images: 5

Hero Image

The hero image for this PDP earned a very high Vizit score of 90.0. The Honest Company took advantage of some category best practices by featuring a straightforward shot of the packaging with minimal border.  By providing a simple box of diapers with a picture of a happy baby, The Honest Company earned one of the top hero image scores.

Carousel Images

Two of The Honest Company’s highest scoring carousel images were images that showcased the d diapers out of the box. This included visuals of happy babies wearing them and the actual diaper with its fun designs visible. However, while the audience found the designs appealing, they did not feel the same about the close-ups of the design: According to the Vizit analysis, that visual earned much lower scoring 41.4.  

The third highest scoring carousel image was the packaging. This strategy not only allows customers to learn to recognize The Honest Company box, but also highlights the brand’s differentiators—namely, the fun patterns the brand prints on the diapers.

Note that this listing from The Honest Company had a few images that were all text, which were excluded from this visual analysis. 

Final Thoughts 

The Honest Company does a lot of things well with this PDP. By including images of the box of diapers that consumers can find on store shelves as well as the diapers out of the box and being worn by a happy baby, The Honest Company found success and an overall high Vizit score across its visuals.

Want to see more brands that are winning on the digital shelf? Check out Vizit’s Brand Attention Index to see the top performers and trends across categories.

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