The AI Content Minute: Navigating Visual Content with Vizit

Vizit Team
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Continuing our collaboration with The CPG View, we present the next trio of episodes from "The AI Content Minute," a series unraveling the transformative role of AI in visual content optimization for ecommerce. Alli Urbon, Senior Strategist from Vizit, and Eli Orkin, Vizit's Vice President of Marketing, both joined the show to share insights in episodes 4, 5, and 6.

Episode 4: Why Brands Turn to AI for Image Testing

Alli dissects why brands increasingly turn to AI for image testing. Traditional methods lack scalability, hindering brands from efficiently understanding rapidly changing consumer preferences. Explore how AI tools provide a cost-effective and efficient solution, meeting the needs for both speed and scale in digital content strategy.

Episode 5: The Future of AI in Content

In this episode, Eli delves into the evolving landscape of AI's role in content, drawing on insights from a recent Path to Purchase and Vizit survey. Discover the shift from hopeful prospects to practical applications as AI becomes a key player in precise measurement, enhancement, customization, and personalization at scale. Gain insights into the tangible business cases AI is addressing in 2024.

Episode 6: The Cost of Not Testing and Optimizing Ecommerce Images at Scale

Eli emphasizes the pivotal role of visual content in online purchasing decisions. Discover the consequences of not testing and optimizing ecommerce images at scale, including missed sales opportunities, inefficient ad spend, content waste, and increased vulnerability to emerging competitors.

Join the ongoing conversation on LinkedIn, share your questions, and stay tuned for more thought-provoking episodes of "The AI Content Minute" series.

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