Case Study

Central Garden & Pet Outshines the Competition on the Digital Shelf with Optimized Visual Content

Learn how Central Garden & Pet used Vizit to optimize images and drive a 30% increase in conversion rates.

The Challenge

Comfort Zone, a Central Garden & Pet brand, relies heavily on its ecommerce sales, with product listings on Amazon, Chewy, and Petco. With an ever-growing list of pet suppliers entering the market, the brand was faced with sharing its digital presence alongside competing pet supply companies. It needed to optimize the visual assets across its product detail pages and identify the image details that would help set its products apart from the pack, driving more online conversions.

The Solution

Comfort Zone used Vizit’s Visual Content Performance software to determine the images and visual elements that would be most effective with the brand’s target audience in real time. This technology unveiled visual trends and insights within product content, enabling Comfort Zone to identify and create more effective content than their competitors on the digital shelf.

The Result

Using Vizit to analyze their own product visual content as well as the competitive set on the digital shelf, Comfort Zone was able to uncover the visual trends that drove image effectiveness with their audience, including: - Product rotation, contrast, angle, shadows, positioning, and included prop contents - Lifestyle imagery, cat model usage, settings, scenery, layout, colors, and composition By acting on trends and insights from Vizit, the Comfort Zone brand has engineered their content to have a selling advantage over competitive offerings on the digital shelf.

30% increase in conversion rates


60% increase in visual effectiveness


99% decrease in testing time

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