Case Study

Mars Petcare Optimizes Digital Shelf Imagery for Global Audiences with Vizit

How the global Mars Petcare team drove 30% conversion uplift, measured in ordered units, faster than ever before with Vizit’s AI-powered visual optimization insights

The Challenge

Mars Petcare sought to identify high performing images within the pet food category on ecommerce sites like Amazon and Chewy, among others. As an expansive team operating across multiple countries, they needed a solution that would allow them to take into account consumer preferences by region while also improving brand consistency and creating standards for scalable, repeatable visual excellence.

The Solution

Mars rolled out the Vizit platform to the global design and marketing teams to identify and validate optimized product images for their ecommerce pages. Comparing results across audiences allowed Mars to identify regional trends and best practices for specific retailers. Global teams were also able to collaborate more efficiently thanks to the shared language and common learnings.

The Result

The Mars Petcare team was able to prove a correlation between higher Vizit Scores and online conversion across global audiences. For one set of SKUs on Amazon, Mars experienced a 30% conversion uplift, measured in ordered units, following image optimization. The findings influence the design process, giving creatives a thorough brief of opportunities, obstacles, and best practices at the outset.

30% conversion uplift, measured in ordered units


30% faster content development time driven by objective measurement

Roman Vorobiev

Director, Design and Artwork Management | Mars Petcare

“Before Vizit, Mars never had a way to determine the imagery and design elements that contribute to conversion. Vizit gives us an anchor point to measure how relevant and effective our images are for our audience, and we have proven that higher Vizit Scores on our content have helped to contribute to up to 30% conversion uplifts, measured in ordered units. We are now reporting on our Vizit Scores in nearly a dozen countries, and Vizit’s software has become a critical part of our infrastructure as a global organization.”

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