Case Study

Ghirardelli Turns to Vizit’s AI for Visual Content Creation and Syndication

AI-driven insights give Ghirardelli an edge on grocery and candy competitors.

The Challenge

Ghirardelli wanted to increase efficiency and content effectiveness across retailers by incorporating AI solutions at different stages of the content creation process. As a small team juggling new product launches, seasonal refreshes, and strict brand guidelines, they were searching for tools that would assist them in creating effective imagery at scale.

The Solution

Ghirardelli used Vizit to analyze photo shoot imagery for new baking items. Pam Perino, the Digital Content Operations and Development Manager at Ghirardelli, worked closely with the art director and his creative team to select different iterations of crops for the images, and then run those versions through Vizit using specific audience lenses and category benchmarks. The Vizit-Recommended Content dictated what Ghirardelli will ultimately use on the product detail pages. Findings will also help the team plan for future photoshoots and further customize content for ecommerce sites and other retailers.

The Result

Vizit’s visual content analysis helped Ghirardelli uncover best practices for ecommerce imagery. After implementing these changes, the Vizit Score for one new product’s primary hero imagery jumped from a very low 6.0, indicating a poor likelihood of converting shoppers, to a very high 95.0.

3D images were more effective than static 2D images in capturing attention.

More closely cropped baking images ranked higher than those that were zoomed out.

Imagery with a tighter crop and only a bit of background performed well.

Visuals featuring baking items that “burst” off the packaging earned higher Vizit Scores. Image maps also indicated that some of the text should be larger.

Pam Perino

Digital Content Operations and Development Manager | Ghirardelli

“We’ve already incorporated Vizit. We started working with them earlier this year on measuring our images and working on new designs for our hero images, and then we're going to be rolling out some new carousels and new design techniques. How do we really hone in on content for our retailers—specifically, what their needs are, what their restrictions are? These tools help us do that.”

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