Case Study

Leading Baby Brand Realized 29% Increase in Amazon Conversion Rates with Optimized Imagery

Optimized imagery made an immediate measurable impact on the digital shelf.

The Challenge

Tasked with growing conversions and sales of their flagship product on Amazon, the baby brand sought to drive results and outperform category competitors with advantaged visual content. However, they lacked the ability to measure and optimize their ecommerce imagery to capture attention and drive performance with their target audience.

The Solution

The baby gear company leveraged Vizit’s AI-powered image analytics software to measure and optimize their product imagery to maximize effectiveness with their target consumer audience. Vizit was able to generate a custom AI Audience Lens to replicate the visual preferences of “New Parents in the U.S.” for the brand by analyzing millions of real world consumer interactions with thousands of images across the internet.

The Result

The baby gear giant used Vizit to identify ways to improve a product’s hero image, and they were also able to analyze and measure existing imagery to determine if a better option already existed. Eventually, they landed on a new product hero image that was 66 points higher than the original. Swapping the old primary visual for the newer, optimized one drove a 29% increase in conversion on Amazon in just 2 weeks.

29% increase in conversion rates

2 weeks

2 weeks to achieve measurable results

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