Case Study

How a Global Snack Food Company Used Vizit’s Visual AI for More Efficient Research

Visual Al capabilities enabled more efficient and comprehensive research than traditional methods at a fraction of the cost.

The Challenge

This global snack food company was planning a research initiative to better understand how to optimize the visual presentation of their flagship snack product for their core consumer audience. They quickly realized that with traditional methods like surveys and panels, this research would take too long, cost too much, and yield only a fraction of the insights they needed to drive real action and change.

The Solution

The company turned to the Vizit platform to evaluate all variations of their product imagery and design concepts through the lens of their target audience. The analysis revealed the visual techniques and methods of portraying the snack product that were most effective for their target consumer audiences in real time.

The Result

With Vizit, this global snack food company was able to accurately predict the visual preferences of their target audience at a rate of 100% as compared to traditional panels and focus groups they previously conducted. The company analyzed all variations and iterations of their snack food product imagery and design concepts in order to understand the visual presentation that would be most effective and drive more sales and conversions with their target audience. They were able to surface these insights immediately in the Vizit platform, saving significant amounts of time and money while expanding the ability to test a larger pool of designs and concepts.


100% predictive of traditional research


95% faster speed to insights


97.5% savings in research costs


90% increase in testing coverage

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