Vizit's Conversion Optimizer

Powered by award-winning visual AI, the Vizit Conversion Optimizer App measures the effectiveness of PDP visual content and automatically reorders carousel imagery to maximize impact and conversion with online shoppers.

Visual appeal is the #1 driver of purchase decisions

Consumers shop with their eyes. 93% of consumers say visuals are the key deciding factor in a purchase decision — yet until now it’s been impossible to understand, predict, and optimize what captures their attention and why.

The first & only way to measure the conversion power of imagery

Based on a patented AI analysis of millions of real-world consumer interactions, Vizit measures how likely your visual content is to convert your target shoppers in real time.

See through your audience’s eyes

Vizit’s patented Audience Lens™ technology gives you the power to see “through the eyes” of your consumers in real-time and explore what appeals most to the people you’re looking to attract and convert - anywhere in the world.

Win every moment with consumers

Vizit AI accurately simulates what your consumers see and how they feel when they look at your products online, giving you the power to test and learn at lightspeed.

Increase conversion up to 45% or more
Grow online sales up to 30% or more
Drive increases in traffic of up to 25% or more

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

“Vizit scores give us an anchor point to understand how relevant our images are to our audience. They allow us to focus on and optimize the exact visual and design points to help our products stand out and appeal to consumers on the digital shelf across the globe.”

Roman Vorobiev
Director - Design and Artwork Management

“We now have a definitive understanding as to what content needs alterations and why. Vizit is an incredible advantage - it’s essentially a 24/7 digital merchandiser, constantly working to ensure we’re putting the most effective visual content in front of our customers.”

Pam Perino
Digital Content Operations & Development Manager

“Vizit saved us $5M and 2 years of development predicting what customers would think about a new product. If you want to view your world through the eyes of your customer there’s simply no better way.”

Luke Mansfield
Chief Strategy Officer

The most efficient and effective way to optimize your brand’s visual performance online

More content analyzed
Faster than traditional methods
More cost effective than traditional research

AI in Content Creation: 2024 Trends and Predictions

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