Laundry Detergent Head to Head: Amazon Basics Versus Tyler

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With so many choices for laundry detergent today, brands need every edge they can get to stand out on the digital shelf. 

As part of our laundry detergent deep dive, we analyzed Amazon’s Top 100 search results for the category. We decided to take a deeper look at how the top two visual brands—in this case, Amazon Basics and Tyler—stack up against each other when it comes to PDP images across their results. 

Hero Images

For the hero images, we compared Amazon Basic’s 2 results in the top 100 to the 2 from Tyler. Tyler came out on top in hero images, with both listings earning Vizit scores of 98.0. In fact, these two hero images were the top two out of the top 100 results.  

Amazon Basics was right behind Tyler, with its top listings scoring at 92.0 and 87.0, respectively. While these visuals are still rated as very high compared to the competition, they lost ground to Tyler due to the close cropping on the images. Extra border space around the product may have upped the score by a few points. 

Carousel Images 

The carousel images from Amazon Basics had a wide range of scores. Leading the pack was an image of the detergent pod dissolving in water, a trend that had success for a number of brands. But while this visual garnered a very high score of 86.2, the rest of the carousel did not fare as well.

One other image earned a moderate score of 45.5, and the remaining three had low scores in the twenties and thirties. These visuals lost ground by not featuring the product and using illustrations instead of real-life imagery to describe the benefits and instructions. 

Amazon Basics’ second listing had a higher average Vizit score, but it only featured two carousel images. One visual was rated highly at 60.5 thanks to its depiction of the value of the product and its use of a cool color scheme. The second was created in a similar illustrated style, but it only earned a moderate score of 46.8. Why the difference? The lower scoring visual didn’t show the same value or have a comparison to provide context. 

Despite the mixed results for Amazon Basics, the brand still outscored Tyler—these two top-searched listings for Tyler had no carousel images. Amazon had the edge with an average of 4.5 photos per listing.

However, other listings from Tyler not in the top 100 search results feature carousel images that follow some category best practices. For example, a related detergent listing from the brand had a visual of a woman smelling her freshly cleaned laundry, a trend present in many highly appealing images across the category.  This particular image would have earned a high score of 64.9 had it been included in the original PDP. 

The Winner

In our head-to-head showdown, Amazon Basics soundly bests Tyler. While Tyler was bolstered by the two highest-scoring hero images among the U.S. Gen Pop audience lens, the lack of carousel images torpedoed any hope of coming out on top. Adding carousel images—even some existing images used in related listings—would have significantly improved Tyler’s scores. 

Want to see how these brands stack up against the competition in the laundry detergent space? Head to Vizit’s Brand Attention Index for a complete roundup of impactful trends, image insights, brand leaderboards, and more.

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