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Bargain hunters have circled July 11-12 on their calendars, readying for Amazon Prime Day. Experts predict Prime Day will bring in over $8 billion during its two days, and it’s a key indicator for the incoming holiday shopping season. Last year’s summer event saw Prime members purchase more than 300 million items and spend almost $12 billion.  

No matter where you’re buying or selling, here are some of the categories and trends to watch during the big sale. 

Most Popular Prime Day Categories 

Last year, the biggest discounts were found in the toys, apparel, and electronics categories. But even small discounts could be enough to get shoppers interested: Some of the most historically popular categories include tech, kitchen appliances, and personal care items. 

Electronics consistently reign as one of the most sought-after categories during Amazon Prime Day. Furthermore, Prime Day witnesses a surge in sales of smart home devices and smart speakers, with products like Amazon Echo devices, Ring doorbells, and Philips Hue smart lighting systems seeing significant discounts during this event. 

Another standout category is home and kitchen appliances. As consumers increasingly prioritize convenience and efficiency in their daily lives, Prime Day offers a platform to acquire appliances at reduced costs—or at the very least, a chance to compare sales across retailers and score the best deal. Other notable categories include fashion and beauty products, as well as back-to-school gear

Visual Trends to Watch 

Vizit’s Brand Attention Index compiled the top brands and images from across Amazon categories. Here are some of the biggest takeaways we’ve seen in the past few weeks as brands gear up for Prime Day. 

Consumer Electronics 

  • Tablet hero and carousel imagery catered to children was among the most effective for the U.S. Gen Pop audience.
  • While feature-focused carousel imagery was effective in the LED TVs category, brands also found success with unique lifestyle imagery. For example, images of televisions in bathrooms or models using their screens for at-home fitness scored well. 
  • When it comes to headphones, audiences are all business. Images depicting traditional black colors, visible audio jacks, and models wearing the products while working all scored highly. 

Home and Kitchen Appliances

  • Is the secret to selling kitchen appliances delicious food? The top rated carousel imagery for air fryers—a popular Prime Day product—typically featured meals like french fries or chicken. 
  • Audiences looking at coffee makers like carousel imagery that includes text detailing product features and benefits. 
  • Outdoor furniture is another category that is dominated by kid-centric imagery. Play sheds and picnic tables were popular, and imagery that included child models was appealing to audiences. 

Baby and Personal Care

  • Baby product categories from baby wipes to diapers have similar best practices. For example, baby models should be happy and smiling—or sleeping peacefully, of course. 
  • Quantity and value matters a lot in personal care items. The highest scoring hero imagery for electric toothbrushes and men’s razors largely features multipacks.  

These are just a few of the insights surfaced by the Brand Attention Index recently. Vizit’s BAI provides a preview of what brands may score big with Prime Day, but it only scratches the surface of the categories and trends that will attract and convert consumers during the hottest sales of the year. 

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