Case Study

PepsiCo LIFEWTR Increased Sales 36% After Evaluating Product Designs in Real Time

Vizit contributed to a 36% increase in sales with real-time design evaluation for PepsiCo LIFEWTR.

The Challenge

As a brand that showcases a variety of different artist’s designs on the front of their product, LIFEWTR wanted to understand which designs would be most effective with their target audience. However, due to the demographic makeup of their audience (affluent, trendy, millennial), and the sheer number of artist designs, they were unable to capture this feedback and surface these insights via traditional research methods like focus groups, surveys, and panels.

The Solution

With Vizit, the LIFEWTR brand was able to assess all of their candidate designs from a wide variety of artists in order to understand which options had the highest likelihood of resonating with their audience and driving conversions and sales. Working with LIFEWTR’s marketing and insights teams, Vizit used customer data (age, demographic, and shopping information) to generate an AI-powered Audience Lens that accurately simulated the visual preferences of LIFEWTR’s target consumer.

The Result

LIFEWTR used this custom Audience Lens to analyze and measure all candidate designs for the upcoming LIFEWTR product series. Vizit Scores and visual insights helped determine which options would be most likely to motivate their target consumers to view and purchase their products. The brand was able to remove subjectivity from the decision-making process and provide a universal standard for design effectiveness. The process elevated avant-garde ideas and designs and resulted in final selections that had maximum alignment with the preferences of LIFEWTR’s customers.


36% increase in YoY sales


20x more efficient in acquiring insights


99% cost savings in testing and research

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